Classroom Tools

Students regularly use the following websites for practice at school. Your child should know his/her login information. If you need help logging in, please contact your child's homeroom teacher.

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

  • Fourth Grade Homework Website — This is updated on a daily basis; visit to see the homework for the night as well as additional information about upcoming tests, quizzes and projects.
  • Spelling City — Your child's spelling words are posted here; your child can play games and take quizzes using just the words on that week's list. Click on the list that is labeled "4th grade."
  • United States Practice — In fourth grade, your child must know the names and locations of all the 50 states.  On this website, you can practice using all 50 states or you can focus on different regions. This is a great way to study for the state quizzes!

Fifth Grade

Sixth Grade

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