Staff List

Office Personnel
Name Position Phone Email
Hong, Chia School Psychologist 363-1713 email staff
Lenning, Dave Best Pointe Therapist 363-1767 email staff
Litrell, Jessica Best Pointe Therapist 363-1732 email staff
Urevick, Taylor Best Pointe Therapist 363-1700
Teacher / Staff
Name Subject Team / Grade Phone Website Email
Adams, Dorian SEL Support All
Allgeyer, Bailey Teacher / Art K-6 363-1756 email staff
Anuci, Kathleen Teacher / Reading Specialist Intervention (K-3) 363-1753 email staff
Bacon, Burton Paraprofessional
Beckham, Jenny Teacher / Math 6 363-1754 email staff
Breadon, Jeanine Paraprofessional email staff
Campbell, Connie Science 5 and 6 363-1744 email staff
Clem, Brenda Teacher / All subjects 1 363-1727 email staff
Condy, Sienna ELA 5
Conrad, Tina Science/Social Studies 4 363-1735 email staff
Cook, Terry ALC Paraprofessional
Dennison, Kathy Teacher / Language Arts 2 363-1747 email staff
DiMario, Samantha Teacher / All subjects K 363-1726 email staff
Doyle, Molly Intervention Specialist email staff
Esteves, Consuelo Teacher / All subjects K 363-1728 email staff
Falco, Marilyn All 1 363-1750 email staff
Fehr, Tony Teacher / Physical Education K-6 363-1724 email staff
Gibson, Allison ELA 4 363-1766
Gooch, Mark Paraprofessional
Gregory, Katie Science/Social Studies 2 363-1745 email staff
Groene, Kathy Teacher / Language Arts 6 363-1755 email staff
Halloran, Mydelle Intervention Specialist K-3 363-1757 email staff
Handorf, Jeanne Teacher / Language Arts, Social Studies 3 363-1752 email staff
Humphrey, Markell Security All
Keller, Lori Math/Science 3 email staff
Kelly, Caroline Paraprofessional email staff
Kelsor, Brenda Custodian
Kocol, Maggie All K email staff
Lang, Candace Paraprofessional
Lige, Nina ELA/Science 1 363-1730 email staff
Logsdon, Leah Paraprofessional
Luckey, Devona Math/Social Studies 1
Malott, Mary Alice Paraprofessional
Manna, Abby Intervention Specialist 5 email staff
Martin, Lisa LPN Intervention (Ms. Thomas)
Meiser, Pina Paraprofessional
Nalley, Tony Social Studies 5 and 6
Ogunleye, Elex Security All
Overturf, Bailey ELA/Social Studies 3 email staff
Packard, Andrew Paraprofessional
Polis, Brenda Teacher / Math, Science 3 363-1751 email staff
Ripley, Kathy Technology Coordinator K-6 363-1734 email staff
Rupp, Lauren Math 5
Seither, Timothy Intervention Specialist 4
Squire, Stephanie Lunchroom
Sunderman, Kelli Speech Therapist All
Taylor, Amy Plant Operator 363-1715 email staff
Tempest, Jennifer Paraprofessional
Terrell, Susan Paraprofessional
Thomas, Nancy Teacher / All subjects Intervention, MH (K-3) 363-1740 email staff
Thompson, Julie Custodian
Thress, Dan Intervention Specialist 6 email staff
Tisue, Cindy Teacher / Gifted K-6 363-1731 email staff
Wasson, Melissa Math 2 363-1742 email staff
Whittaker, Taquatta Paraprofessional email staff
Winland, Michael Teacher / Music K-6 363-1722 email staff
Woebkenberg, Brad Math 4